• Hollywood Style Mirrors

    Dresser table top free standing style..

  • Hollywood style wall mount

    Frameless style for off the desk mounting.

  • Wall mount Cabnets

    Single or dual hinged doors with adjustable shelves.

  • LED Bathroom Mirrors

    Large range of shapes and sizes and LED styles to Choose from.

Hollywood Mirrors

Hollywood Mirrors Bright and beautiful desk standing mirrors, with adjustments for brightness, wide range of colors and shapes. Brightness adjustment for perfect lighting conditions.

Hollywood Wall Mirrors

Hollywood Wall Mirrors much like the desk mount style with a frameless design for space saving mounting. Fully adjustable brightness and sizes in range.

Bathroom LED Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors Low profile wall mounting, with horizontal or verticle mounting, a vast range of shapes and LED styles available.

Cabinet Mirrors

Cabinet Mirrors perfect dual-purpose storage and LED mirrors with single or double hinges, adjustable shelf insides, and control. Lighting adjustment, demister and LED clock options available.

Project Planning

We will provide you with detailed drawings for your custom requirements, and manufacture to your exact specifications and dimensions.


Company Logos on products, custom packing, mirror etching can all be made available to your specification and company branding.

Full Support

We take pride in giving the best before, and after-sales service. And follow all order form start to finish. Spares and warranty repairs are as part of each order.

Recent Models

Latest products released, further details below.

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The Highest Quality!

We use the best quality materials from approved and certified glass And confirm to all electrical and environmental standard for all components used in each product.

Tampered Glass
LEAD Free Paint
CE/FCC Electrics
Recyclable Plastics
Sustainable Wood