Medicine Cabinet Mirrors Series!

With elegant looks and functional design, our cabinets bring a welcome addition for your bathroom style. Providing not only the perfect capture of your facial reflections, but you also open the cabinet to a bright and all gasping view of perfection. Internal LED lights focus your attention on your object of desire. With an infinite adjustable shelf to arrange the size of your needs.

Standard Functions

  • 24V Energy saving LED Lighting.
  • Bright crystal glass.
  • Discrete rotary dimmer control.
  • Fully compliant for all legal safety standards.
  • Compliant electrical system for CE/FCC regulations

Standard Options

  • Choice of LED light temperatures or color.
  • Mirror finish material color.
  • Company artwork on packing boxes.

Customized Features

  • Glass etching of logos and branding.
  • Shape and dimensions for projects.
  • Material finish and grade, including wood material choice.
  • Power cord length, fitting bracket and screws.