Products Gallery with close up and Function control.

Bathroom Mirror Sensor

Showing mirrors has a motion sensor in the underside

Bathroom Mirror Sensor Underside

Sensor of mirror under edge of frame

Bathroom Mirror LCD touch

LCD display touch controls

Hollywood Round Wall Mount Silver

Frameless wall mounted with right side dimmer control

Bathroom Mirror with LED lighting

Low profile mount with LEDs on inside edge

Bathroom Mirror with Display

Rectangle wall mount with on Mirror touch controls

Bathroom Cabinet Mirror

Inside cabinet doors showing high quality hinge

Bathroom Cabinet Mirror Control

Cabinet underside control button for lights

Bathroom Cabinet Mirror Shelf

Cabinet inside shelf with infinite adjustments

Bathroom Cabinet Mirror White

Cabinet inside shelf bottom left side hinge

Bathroom Cabinet Mirror Hinge

Inside cabinet doors showing high quality hinge

Bathroom Mirror Curve Edge

Flush mount rounded insert LED style lighting

Bathroom Mirror Curved Power

Flush mount rounded right side showing power button

Hollywood Desktop Pearl White

Close Up showing touch button to power off lights

Bathroom Mirror Power On

Outer Edge LED light turned on with mirror button

Hollywood Pearl White

Close Up with lights off, showing the power on botton

Bathroom Mirror Power Off

Outer Edge LED light turned off with mirror button

Hollywood Rose Pink

Circular style with day tone lights

Bathroom Mirror LCD

LCD display for visual details and full control

Hollywood Pearl White Dimmer

Side control button for light dimmer control

Hollywood Desktop Rose Pink

Desk style side dimmer control

Hollywood Round Wall Mount Blue

Wall mounted with right side dimmer control