Hollywood Makeup Mirrors Series!

The Fantasy range has been created together with the Hollywood style and revolutionary mental finishing. Customized to desirable colorful looks gives appealing of a real sprinkle for any bedroom scheme. With integrated multi-media functions, the girl finds her perfect morning.

Unicorn range for a fresh daily morning routine with our latest stunning collection for beauties! Patented and exclusive shape in contemporary vintage design to bring multi-purpose of functions and pieces of art together.

Standard Functions

  • 24V Energy saving LED bulbs.
  • Bright crystal glass.
  • Discrete rotary dimmer control.
  • Fully compliant for all legal safety standards.
  • Compliant electrical system for CE/FCC regulations

Standard Options

  • Choice of LED light temperatures or color.
  • Mirror finish material color.
  • Company artwork on packing boxes.

Customized Features

  • Glass etching of logos and branding.
  • Shape and dimensions for projects.
  • Material finish and grade, including wood material choice.
  • Power cord length, fitting bracket and screws.