Smart Home Mirrors Series!

For a mirror with a minimalist aesthetic that provides the perfect task lighting and is easy to use, our AiO lighted mirror combines a mirror, warm or cool task lighting, integrated USB ports, and fine-tuned audio capability for a connected experience in your styling space.

Standard Functions

  • Energy saving LED backlighting.
  • Bright crystal glass.
  • USB device input.
  • Audio function with glass touch controls.
  • Fully compliant for all legal safety standards.
  • Compliant electrical system for CE/FCC regulations

Standard Options

  • Choice of LED light temperatures or color.
  • Glass thickness to meet regulations.
  • Company artwork on packing boxes.

Customized Features

  • Glass etching of logos and branding.
  • Shape and dimensions for projects.
  • Power cord length, fitting bracket, and screws sizes.